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Print-to-Digital Magazine Conversions Boost Inventory—and Revenues

Digital Content Development
Information Technology


The world’s premiere search engine offers a digital distribution platform for Android applications and an online electronics and digital media store for apps, music, magazines, books, and movies.


To increase digital magazine sales via its media store, the search engine leader needed to augment its existing inventory of magazine titles. To do so, company representatives approached print-only magazine publishers and offered to create digital versions of their publications in exchange for the rights to distribute them; the sales revenue would then be shared. 

To execute this strategy, the search engine needed an expert digital production partner to convert magazines in more than 20 languages to an interactive digital format.


The company chose Aptara to create searchable digital versions of the print magazines. The Aptara digital solutions team:

  • Developed a conversion platform based on page zoning and categorization to support a customized, automated workflow
  • Utilized iZone, its proprietary tool for mapping and tagging every element on a page
  • Transformed print content into digital files in RePUB—an open source variant of the EPUB format
  • Automated the extraction of images and content to support multiple languages 
  • Employed three different optical character recognition (OCR) engines to compare the print and digital magazines and flag any errors, ensuring that the digital content and layout mirrored the ink-and-paper magazines exactly


Their new digital magazine production solution:

  • Has a 99.9% conversion accuracy rate
  • Can transform a print magazine to a digital magazine in 24 to 48 hours
  • Delivers approximately 80 titles per month
  • Produces searchable editions that retain the same design as their print counterparts
  • Supports magazines in more than 20 languages
  • Provides a new revenue stream for print magazine publishers
  • Works on any Android device