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Rapid Acceleration of Journal Production and New Digital Workflow for Wiley-Blackwell

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Wiley-Blackwell is the world’s largest global society publisher and one of the foremost academic and professional publishers, producing more than 1,500 scholarly peer-reviewed journals and 1,500+ new books annually, in print and online, as well as databases, major reference works and laboratory protocols.


The world of journal publishing is competitive.  Wiley-Blackwell vies for authors for whom speed of publication is critical and who find strong temptation among new digital publishing alternatives.

To forge ahead of the competition, Wiley-Blackwell set extremely aggressive objectives to reduce online publication of peer-reviewed articles to just 15 days, employ an XML-first workflow with online proofing capability, and improve access to eMarkets.


Wiley-Blackwell had to identify the necessary improvement processes and supporting technology that would enable them to meet their ambitious goals.  After wrestling with the “build or buy” question, they issued a criteria-rich RFP that included such specs as:  a web-based solution with robust content management and version control, an interface that supports contributor-level editing, and XML creation.  Wiley-Blackwell found all of this—and more—in Aptara’s PXE4™.

A web-based platform, PXE4 provides an end-to-end multi-channel digital workflow for the creation of structured reusable content and:

  • supports Wiley Blackwell’s existing workflows, thereby minimizing staff disruption and implementation time
  • integrates content creation, editing, corrections and formatting into a streamlined workflow, supplanting traditional manual-intensive editing environments and processes
  • accepts Word, PDF and XML files, and enables authoring direct in PXE4’s word processor-like interface
  • provides flexible multi-channel publishing for eReaders, tablets, PCs and print—all from a single content source—avoiding the need to retrofit traditional production processes for new digital products


Aptara’s PXE4 digital publishing platform has reduced Wiley-Blackwell’s turnaround time to 15 days for a number of journals. The success of this undertaking has resulted in the deployment of PXE4 across multiple Wiley divisions and a prestigious Wiley Pacesetter Award for the team responsible for PXE4’s selection and implementation.  Adopting Aptara’s web-based PXE4 has helped Wiley-Blackwell:

  • re-engineer journal workflow to gain XML-first advantages
  • drastically reduce article turnaround to 15 days
  • provide authors and editors with online proofing capabilities
  • enable Wiley-Blackwell to publish final content online even further in advance of its print editions than before
  • deliver critical peer-reviewed findings to scientific and medical communities faster than ever before

Blackwell Publishing Limited is a private limited company registered in England with registered number 180277.  Registered office address: The Atrium, Southern Gate, Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom. PO19 8SQ.