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Top Consumer Electronics Company

Customer Service Solution Achieves KPIs in Just 4 Months

Customer Lifecycle Management
Information Technology


This Fortune 500 company has been a global leader in high-tech electronics manufacturing for more than 70 years; more recently, it has become known for the production of TVs, tablets, and smartphones. It has been recognized by the Consumer Electronics Association as a “Top Consumer Electronics Brand.”


As the company’s market share grew and inbound support calls increased, its executives realized that even the very best electronic devices can fall short if they are not backed up by knowledgeable, easy-to-reach customer support personnel. 

The company needed an end-to-end specialized customer service solution to:

  • Handle high volumes of customer inquiries efficiently
  • Offer friendly and comprehensive live chat and email support for general and technical service questions
  • Recruit trainers and provide recurring training for a larger, more stable pool of customer support representatives
  • Improve key performance metrics such as call response ratios (CRRs), average speed of answering (ASA), calls handled per hour (CHPH), and average handling time (AHT)
  • Develop and implement quality control measurements with real-time reporting and adjustments


Aptara outlined the client’s new service goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), and operational inefficiencies, then proposed a new outbound customer service approach which would allow the customer to gauge performance and the impact of changes in pricing and policies over time.

Specifically, Aptara:

  • Hired dedicated midlevel managers to improve KPIs 
  • Refined the reporting structure and adding quality analysts to increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores
  • Established a workforce management team that includes a dedicated associate who monitors service-level agreements (SLAs) in real time to hasten refinements
  • Improved staff scheduling to accommodate workflow
  • Implemented the monitoring of individual CRM transactions to improve representatives’ performance
  • Restructured the technical team, ensuring that CRM staff are aware of and able to meet key outcomes


Just one quarter after Aptara implemented the company’s new customer service solution, the company met targeted KPIs:

  • Call response ratios increased to 95.3%
  • Average speed of answering decreased to just 8 seconds
  • Calls handled per hour met the SLA target
  • Average handling time was reduced to the agreed-upon threshold

Today, Aptara also supplies a dedicated Management Information Systems team that analyzes and facilitates company activities and provides comprehensive reports on key metrics, which are reviewed daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

In one year, Aptara increased the company’s staff from 125 to 1,400 well-trained service representatives. These representatives continue to help meet organizational objectives by supporting the customer base with seamless communications that are consistent with the brand’s image.

This company’s customer service division has since been recognized industry-wide for its service quality. The division is the top operating unit in the company.