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Oxford University Press

Journal Production

Digital Content Development


Oxford University Press (OUP), the publishing arm of Oxford University, publishes journals in more than 40 languages and in a variety of print and digital formats. In 2012, OUP approached Aptara needing full-service editorial production and project management services for journals uploaded to HighWire, a journal publishing platform. Of particular importance was the accurate rendering of equations in OUP’s math-heavy journals. The implementation of a continuous publication model using Aptara’s own PXE workflow management software has allowed OUP to greatly reduce the journals’ time to market; QA measures ensure that output and tags conform to both OUP’s and HighWire’s requirements. In the following two years, OUP increased Aptara’s volume from 30,000 to 90,000 pages per year; turnaround times are now just 24 hours for articles and three business days for issues.