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Oil Industry Service Provider

From Static Content to Digital Documentation: Engaging and Informing Employees

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One of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the oil industry, this 100-year-old organization has more than 75,000 employees and hundreds of subsidiaries, brands, and divisions worldwide.


This multinational corporation produces a huge number of technical training documentation annually—from product manuals and service technician guides to customer service training and employee handbooks. 

The cost of updating, printing, and distributing training documentation was exorbitant, physical printouts were cumbersome and time-consuming to produce, and searching for information across print versions was nearly impossible. 

Determined to cut costs and meet the needs of a digitally savvy workforce, the organization committed to moving not just from print to digital, but from print to mobile. It envisioned portable versions of technical training manuals accessible via tablet that support interactive content.


Aptara architected a digital content production and delivery solution that:

  1. Converted large volumes of print documentation to HTML5—a smart, flexible, and consistent digital format
  2. Redesigned and developed content that incorporates interactive modules to enhance user engagement and improve learning outcomes
  3. Designed and built a custom eReader/app delivery platform that:
  • Works across platforms, from mobile tablets to desktop computers 
  • Contains a “bookshelf” for housing and organizing all of the manuals 
  • Enables the search and retrieval of information across the entire library 
  • Includes interactive embedded videos, animations, self-assessment quizzes, and real-time feedback
  • Syncs content across multiple devices, online and offline
  • Supports bookmarks, favorites, notes, image and video galleries, and a glossary
  • Employs data encryption and delivery over https:// for security


The transition from print to digital gave this company’s employees access to essential information whenever and wherever they need it. It has also increased the use and value of its training materials and improved job performance, all while significantly decreasing costs.

Aptara’s eReader delivery platform expanded this customer's use of digital technologies. It provides: 

  • Eliminated printing, shipping, and related labor costs
  • Convenient mobile access and BYOD (bring your own device) capability
  • Quick document updates
  • Easy distribution of new document versions
  • Easily repurposed content for new products and revenue streams
  • Increased content consumption
  • Heightened employee engagement and loyalty 
  • Comprehensive search capabilities via a library-wide search engine