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North American Asset Management

The Power of XML: Ending Information Paralysis

IT Services
Banking, Finance & Insurance


Brokerage firm North American Asset Management (NAAM) serves the real estate and financial service industries. NAAM is known for its document packaging and binder assembly system that accesses and manages the immense volume of print documents required for large real estate and financial deals.


NAAM had developed a proof of concept for a software-as-a-service (SAAS) to give asset managers, investors, owners, and lenders access to information locked in volumes of printed documents but needed an expert partner to finalize its design and implementation. The software product was conceived to satisfy rigorous compliance standards and to assemble and disseminate content via customized eBook binders.


Aptara proposed an XML-based digital platform integrated with best-of-breed software applications to ensure that NAAM's content could be searched, retrieved, and repurposed for delivery to any desktop or mobile device.

Aptara conceptualized NAAM’s system requirements and integrated software applications with XML to design and build a scalable, cost-effective, long-term, solution. 

XML documents store only content, removing any accompanying formatting. It thereby allows the content to be repurposed and reused in any form at any time. Separating content from delivery platform formats also future-proofs it against any changes in technology such as mobile device operating systems and hardware changes.


Aptara delivered a state-of-the-art, cloud-based portal deployed as an SAAS. This platform enables NAAM’s clients to quickly and easily store, search, and retrieve their content. Inexpensive to maintain and scalable enough to manage and distribute fluctuating quantities of information, the SAAS portal eliminates most IT and infrastructure concerns.

NAAM and Aptara are now developing a full suite of onsite services by leveraging Aptara’s technology expertise to optimize all of NAAM’s cloud-based software solutions, including on-demand data management.