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National Injury Law Firm

Cost-Effective Case Review = Faster Financial Relief for Clients—and Law Firm

Custom Content Services


This national law firm specializes in complex litigation on behalf of clients who have been injured. The settlements they have made and the verdicts they have won have recovered billions of dollars for their clients.  


Injury cases can hinge on an attorney’s ability to distill a client’s life story into a few key events. 

For toxic exposure cases, this law firm had to document the precise events that led to their clients’ asbestos exposure and their subsequent debilitation from mesothelioma, an illness caused by exposure to asbestos that often results in premature death. 

Each exposure had to be precisely detailed. But the firm’s internal case management teams and paralegals did not have the ability to handle this critical task quickly, accurately, or cost-effectively.


Aptara designed and instituted a formal workflow through which the firm’s case files are analyzed the relevant actionable information is concisely documented  and compiled into a comprehensive Case Summary that can be efficiently reviewed by attorneys handling large case loads.

Aptara’s legal experts:

  • Carefully review lengthy asbestos case files and testimonies
  • Extract the pertinent information
  • Organize the information chronologically and according to exposure type, number of exposures, and where they occurred
  • Cross-reference it to client testimony
  • Include smoking/alcohol habits, housing situation, military experience, and union activities are also chronicled to provide a complete picture of event’s related to a claim 

Aptara’s team of case summary authors is comprised of full-time employees with university and/or law school degrees. These employees are carefully screened, interviewed, trained, and tested prior to being assigned to a case. 

Case Summaries can be turned around in as little as 24 hours and always undergo a rigorous quality control process comprised of reviews by three separate specialists before being delivered.


This large national law firm is now able to:

  • Swiftly review and process background materials for complex cases 
  • Settle or go to trial more quickly for plaintiffs seeking financial relief for injuries, or for family members who have lost a loved one 
  • Reduce their costs
  • Keep expenses predictable: per-page pricing fixes costs regardless of a case’s  complexity 
  • Focus on higher value core legal work