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Making Customer Self-Service a Reality: Fast Forwarding Content Development

Corporate Learning & Performance
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals


McKesson is the oldest and largest health care services company in the nation. They serve more than 50% of American hospitals, 20% of physicians, 100% of health plans, and deliver one-third of all medications used daily in North America. McKesson Health Solutions (MHS) helps automate and transform healthcare reimbursement, serving 96% of the top 25 health plans, 91% of Blues plans and over 4,000 provider facilities.


One of McKesson Health Solution’s market-leading products is InterQual®, an evidence-based clinical decision support system used widely by healthcare payers and providers. Until the mid 2000’s, InterQual customers received product education primarily via onsite instructor-led training (ILT). This training model resulted in:

  • 40% of every training dollar being spent on McKesson instructors’ travel
  • disruption to customers’ work days and lost productivity
  • decreased customer satisfaction 
  • inconsistent learning experiences

In addition, as more customers negotiated to exclude training from their contracts, calls to InterQual Product Support increased and customer frustration and dissatisfaction grew.


McKesson committed to changing their learning paradigm and introducing self-paced eLearning. With no centralized learning function, achieving this required an experienced partner to help develop and execute the transition, quickly, while ensuring improved outcomes. 

Aptara assisted McKesson with a blended learning approach to InterQual® product training, comprised of two learning options, Virtual and Onsite:

  1. Virtual Program – self-paced web-based training (WBT) and virtual instructor-led session (VILT)
  2. Onsite Program – self-paced web-based training (WBT) and onsite instructor-led classroom session (ILT)

Delivering on this new approach required designing and developing interactive and engaging eLearning courses and launching a new Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver the training, manage learners’ transcripts, and facilitate training operations and reporting.

The WBT component was executed by an integrated team of McKesson in-house instructional designers and Aptara custom content architects and developers. The eLearning courses included:

  • Scenario-based instruction
  • Role-based curricula
  • Show-Me and Try-It simulations
  • Self-checks and assessment
  • Remediation and supportive/directive text
  • Competency and certification alignment


Aptara met McKesson’s aggressive timeline. The new more accessible and efficient InterQual product training model delivers greater throughput, customer satisfaction, and revenue. Specifically, the move from traditional onsite training to a blended approach:

  • Increased purchases of Year 1 training by 47%, with most signing multi-year contracts
  • Increased customer satisfaction levels from 6.0 to 6.4 in one year (out of 7.0)
  • Increased the number of customers educated by 42%
  • Reduced the backlog of support cases from 150 days to 45 days
Aptara's approach increased overall flexibility for McKesson by delivering:
  • more training with less staff
  • dynamic and scalable curriculum paths that support releases of new or changed content
  • eLearning content that’s quick and easy to modify
  • a variety of training delivery options to support adult-learning styles 
  • a new customer-centric LMS platform to support customers’ requests for greater control of and visibility into user training

Giving customers ongoing, immediate access to online product training and self-help tools has helped make customer self-service a welcome reality for the McKesson Health Solutions team. Additionally, with the blended approach, InterQual educators can provide valued-added services while on-site, such as individual and small group mentoring.