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Leading Computer Manufacturer

Satisfied Customers: Optimizing eCommerce Content

Custom Content Services
Information Technology


Best known for its desktops, notebooks, and PCs, this multibillion dollar company provides a range of technology products for the education, enterprise, government, and consumer markets. 


Customer complaints about the company’s online store were mounting, as were editorial errors on the site. Poor user experiences and negative feedback were putting the brand’s reputation at risk. 

The client was determined to enhance its customers’ experience with its website. Lacking the internal resources to meet this goal, the company sought a partner to provide an affordable solution—quickly. 


This computer manufacturer partnered with Aptara to: 

  • revise the messaging on detailed product pages with clear, concise, and grammatically correct content 
  • provide 24/7 editorial support across multiple time zones 
  • perform all back­end web operations for the eCommerce pages, including editing, updating, and managing content 
  • resolve issues and route revised content through the company's newly established publishing workflow 
  • scan each content queue for new site updates from the computer manufacturer every 15 minutes 


Aptara’s client­dedicated team met the tight deadline, optimized all product pages for online publication, and enhanced the site’s GUI. 

Customer complaints were reduced by more than 90%, and website copy errors were reduced from more than 10 to less than 0.22 errors per page.