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Largest U.S. Court Reporting Company

Summary Decision: Millions of Depositions Processed 24/7/365

Custom Content Services


America’s largest court reporting company offers sophisticated technical services that include real­time reporting, language interpretation, text and video streaming, and videoconferencing. 


To help its law firm clients control costs, the company wanted to begin offering deposition summary services and looked to an outside source of legal experts to process huge volumes of client depositions. 


Aptara’s team of attorneys and paralegals designed and instituted a formal process for providing quality deposition summaries that would withstand scrutiny and audits: 

  • each deposition is read multiple times before it’s summarized 
  • testimonies are always summarized—never evaluated 
  • summaries are drafted in concise, well­written English, and formatted in either standard digest forms or custom formats 
  • summaries can be delivered via multiple mediums, including PC, tablet, smartphone, CD, and hard copy 
  • strict quality control ensures accuracy in content, format, and length 
  • secure file transmission protects confidentiality 
  • fixed­cost services are billed by the page, regardless of the complexity of the testimony 
  • summaries are prepared and delivered within 24 hours, 365 days a year 


In less than a year, Aptara’s legal outsourcing teams helped make the company into the nation’s largest provider of deposition summaries, with more than 150 depositions summarized daily. 

Aptara’s deposition summary services are significantly less costly than handling the work in­house and have set the company apart from its competition with a valuable new offering that enhances its customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Freed from managing deposition summaries in­house, this company’s clients are able to refocus their time on higher­value core legal work while enjoying improved case continuity.