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Largest Consumer Book Publisher

Largest Consumer Book Publisher

Digital Content Development


The world’s largest English-language trade book publisher, this company produces 4,000 new titles annually while managing an active backlist of more than 45,000 titles and a total list of more than 200,000 titles.


This publisher moved decisively into the eBook market in November 2008, announcing an ambitious initiative to make 15,000 of its best-selling titles available in digital format. Aside from driving additional revenue from existing content assets, it would use this opportunity to build a production pipeline that could continually feed new titles in its digital supply chain.

The publisher needed an eBook production partner that could create considerable volumes of quality eBooks quickly. 


Aptara began converting print titles from InDesign and QuarkXPress application files, PDFs, scanned PDFs, OeB files, as well as hard copy.

To ensure that the final eBook product reflected the publisher’s prestigious brand, Aptara’s production teams manually spot-checked each eBook for correct text flow and data integrity. The teams also developed a custom, automated comparison tool used for quality assurance. Another was built to validate final EPUB files, which included double-checking key book elements such as headers, hyperlinks, and images.

Maintaining quality standards to limit production delays was paramount to meeting tight deadlines, including a two-week turnaround for all front-list titles.


Aptara’s multi-channel production platform enabled simultaneous production of eBooks for PC, smart phones, and tablets and generated multiple new revenue streams. 

With a dynamic eBook production strategy and production workflow in place, and a partner that shared their passion for quality, this publisher was well positioned to take advantage of the surge in eBook sales − while still maintaining their established brand as the leader in print.

Today, the publisher still taps into its vast backlist to generate additional revenue by converting popular titles to eBooks.