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Large Satellite Provider

Voice and Email Support for B2B Customers

Customer Lifecycle Management
Information Technology


India’s largest satellite service operator provides broadband networking technologies to businesses and government.


The company needed to provide nationwide voice and email customer support and sought a partner that could:

  • Provide 24/7 customer service for its B2B customers
  • Handle email and voice support for all of its customer sites
  • Handle B2B client escalations and route them appropriately
  • Improve escalation and email processing methods by reducing transaction errors at the point of service
  • Increase the number of voice and email transactions handled by each employee 


Working with the client’s teams, Aptara specialists evaluated the current state and developed a detailed map of existing operations. After identifying the shortcomings in workflow, monitoring systems and skill sets, the team developed and executed an efficient processing system that worked with the company’s existing technology and operations.

Aptara’s customer service management team trained dedicated agents to teach from customized learning modules. Those agents were then able to deliver the highest level of business and compliance training.

Aptara also developed service-level agreements (SLAs) that established acceptable:

  • Service-level and abandon percentages
  • Metrics for call assignments to the central hub 
  • Metrics for updating ETA/ATA to customers 
  • Metrics for updating feedback and escalation calls 


Since 2008, Aptara’s dedicated voice and email support has helped this satellite service operator deliver, improve, and grow its customer service provision, and its customer base, from 14 resources for 400+ business accounts to 20+ resources for more than 1,000 B2B accounts.

Today, Aptara representatives meet with the client biweekly to discuss parameters and ensure that new best-practices are adopted and function well. In addition, Aptara now handles 5,600 voice calls and 33,000 back-office transactions each month (without an increase in resources), and has achieved 100% call recording with a 90-day call retention.

To ensure ongoing, high-quality results, Aptara reviews complaint logs to track trends and preempt potential problems. Through daily quality checks, Aptara also uncovers and addresses any procedural errors.

The satellite provider continues to rely on Aptara’s expertise to maintain and expand its B2B customer base.