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Innovative EdTech Firm

Relearning Educational Technology: A Retooled Workflow Equals On-time Quality

Digital Content Development


Founded in 2003, this innovative educational technology (EdTech) company facilitates collaborative and social learning for online educators and curriculum providers.


Faced with rapidly evolving publishing technologies, quality issues, and a dearth of qualified resources, this EdTech firm struggled to deliver its customers’ courses on time.


Aptara’s content architects analyzed the existing digital content workflow—established by a previous vendor—and optimized it to limit the introduction of errors and permit an accelerated production schedule.

To achieve the fastest possible results, Aptara simultaneously assembled a dedicated production team and trained them on the client’s digital publishing platform. This new team then reviewed more than 12,000 pages and corrected all errors; it also resized more than 14,000 images to meet production specifications.


In less than two months, Aptara’s consulting and production teams:

  • Implemented a new digital workflow that ensures courses can be produced efficiently, accurately, and on time
  • Established an accelerated production schedule based on the newly optimized workflow
  • Delivered four middle-school math courses on time
  • Improved the quality of the final product

As a result of Aptara’s new all-digital workflow and production services, the EdTech company now produces all of its courses efficiently, accurately, and on-time.