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Flash Training to HTML5 for Mobile Accessibility

Corporate Learning & Performance
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals


For over a century, this global pharmaceutical corporation has discovered life-changing medicines and brought them to market.


With thousands of personnel servicing sales, manufacturing, and operational channels across the globe, this multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical company faced a considerable challenge. Their hundreds of hours of legacy eLearning courses that had been developed in Adobe Flash were inaccessible on Apple products—the most widely adopted tablets and smart phones in the world.

The need to deliver training to their diverse employee base across numerous time zones, when and where they wanted it, demanded easily accessible, convenient training formats.


With an abbreviated four-month project duration, Aptara developed a plan to not only convert all of their Flash training files to HTML5, but to enhance and scale the pharmaceutical company’s training content for enriching employee learning and improving learning results.

Over 60 developers worked to ensure that the converted courseware was mobile flexible—ready for iPads, iPhones, and current versions of Firefox, Windows XP and Internet Explorer on any other brand of mobile device.

Aptara’s team created custom GUI templates and targeted content, interactive entry points, and graphics and media assets, making them reusable and suitable for future mobile devices.

Key Development Features

  •   Courses and components were developed using HTML5 and JavaScript, supported by jQuery code libraries and CSS3
  •   After considering the bandwidth and connectivity challenges users might face, streaming servers were selected for audio and video delivery
  •   The updated training courses were SCORM 1.2 compliant.


Aptara delivered the newly converted courseware in individually packaged zip files, organized by component and course, for easy indexing for importing and deploying on the client’s proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) server.

Since launching the converted courseware, early usage metrics and feedback suggest that the pharmaceutical firm’s staff are accessing the courses more frequently and finding the newly packaged training more engaging.