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The President’s Portal: The Shift to Social eLearning

Corporate Learning & Performance


This worldwide hotel and resort is a widely recognized name in the hospitality industry. In business for more than 92 years, the company operates more than 540 hotels and resorts in 78 countries on all seven continents.


Hotel employees work in a fast-paced environment, tending to the needs of guests and overseeing operations. Although efficient employee training is vital to customer satisfaction, the hospitality industry has been slow to embrace new learning technologies, relying instead on instructor-led and on-the-job training.

Such training usually cannot accommodate different learning styles, address communication problems among leaders, or track and share best-practices.

General managers (GMs) needed a single, central online location, where they could find information quickly be engaging with their peers in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.


In collaboration with the company's learning team, Aptara designed the President's portal as a social eLearning platform: a single-source leadership and business development tool for hotel GMs that integrates all of the company's learning resources. 

The portal is accessible via smart phones and tablets and links to external web resources as well as documents on the company’s own websites, intranets, and learning management system.

The online portal built by Aptara has the following components:

  • GM quarterly updates and recorded conference calls 
  • A featured author section
  • A best-practices library
  • A link to external eBooks, and audio podcasts
  • Information on the company’s Worldwide University’s Leadership College
  • Archives of previous webinars and retired portal content
  • An archive of communications from the company’s President of Operations for the Americas 
  • An area to create and update user profiles
  • Content from conferences


The President’s Portal provides a fresh and innovative way for hotel leaders to interact. Success was first measured using an initial survey conducted after launch. One hundred percent of respondents said that the portal had positively impacted their job. 

A second survey conducted 6 months later revealed that 100% of the portal’s end users supported adding new resources and learning opportunities to the portal and extending full access to senior teams.

The portal promotes collaborative and social learning, allowing hospitality leaders to:

  • Share creative ideas, knowledge, and information about meeting business goals
  • Collaborate with colleagues in different parts of the organization and the globe 
  • Increase overall knowledge
  • Blog about business challenges, revenues, cost control, and customer service
  • Track and share best-practices in a central location and via social media
  • Email all users simultaneously about content changes and updates to the portal