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Future Science Group

Automated Workflow

Digital Content Development


In 2013, the Future Science Group, a consortium of independent scientific, technical, and medical (STM) publishing companies, turned to Aptara for help streamlining their journal production in order to reduce costs. Aptara staged the transition from a workflow built around in-house page composition using InDesign and staff copyeditors editing in Microsoft Word to a workflow managed by PXE, Aptara’s proprietary publishing platform that provides collaborative content creation, editing, and publishing tools within a single intuitive interface. Using PowerEdit, another Aptara software tool, Word- or LaTeX-based manuscript files are converted to XML. The files are then pre-edited via an automated routine that frees copyeditors from performing rote tasks. All reference are validated at this stage as well. And the new workflow accommodates author corrections from within the linear workflow. As a result, all content is centralized, and the entire content lifecycle—from creation and editing through reviews, revisions, approvals, and output to both PDF and XML—is managed and automated, saving time (and therefore cost) while enforcing data integrity and version control automatically. Having realized both cost savings and faster times to market, FSG is now using PXE to create versions of their journal articles accessible via iPads and other tablets. Aptara is handling approximately 200 new “eTitles” per year.