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Cambridge University Press - Processing

Classic Books, Universal Access: The Cambridge Library Collection

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Cambridge University Press, the oldest printing and publishing house in the world, produces nearly 2,500 academic and educational titles and more than 150 journals each year, with distribution in nearly 200 countries. 


To effectively promote books of scholarly importance in the Cambridge Library Collection, compelling copy was needed for book jackets, websites and other marketing materials. But the wide range of titles, which included the works of Shakespeare, travel memoirs, and works on mathematics, science, and music, posed formidable challenges. Some were written in Latin or Classical Greek; others covered esoteric topics. And writing about some would require in-depth research on the author’s contribution to the scholarly field. 

Because Cambridge wanted its eBooks to be easy to find online, a large number of skilled copywriters was needed to quickly develop blurbs for the book covers, for Cambridge’s own website, and for other major retail sites, such as


Aptara’s literary subject matter experts and seasoned editors and writers read excerpts from hundreds of works to create:

  • a one-line description of each book’s content,
  • a 50-word summary of each book’s content for use on website ads, and
  • a 150-word overview about the importance to the scholarly literature.


Aptara’s extra efforts allowed Cambridge to focus on the launch of its special collection rather than the mechanics behind that launch.

Aptara has since been awarded more titles in new subject areas.

The project is now available to the public: