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American Physical Society

Onshore Journal Production

Digital Content Development


Aptara began performing journal production for the American Physical Society (APS) in 2005. In 2010, Aptara took on the onshore production of additional APS journals, raising output from approximately 30,000 to more than 80,000 pages per year. To meet the increased workload, Aptara grew its onshore copyeditorial staff from 12 to 35, proportionally increasing its  production staff as well. Within six months, Aptara had achieved the expected turnaround  times—and continues to meet the expected TATs with more than 99% of incoming manuscripts.

Aptara also managed APS’s switchover from the publisher’s own XML DTD to NLM/JATS DTD. APS provided the map of markup changes needed to implement the switchover, and Aptara responded by rebuilding quality assurance checklists for PowerQA, its proprietary QA software tool. Aptara also collaborated with APS technical staff to work out tagging issues for abstracts, tables, equations, references, and other elements.

As a result, APS became NLM-compliant by the start of 2014. In addition, Aptara helped implement APS’s participation in CrossRef’s FundRef initiative by downloading CrossRef’s funding registry and adding a check of authors’ acknowledgments to the proofing cycle. Acknowledgments of funding sources in articles published by APS are now more  accurate, and APS can easily deliver this acknowledgment information to FundRef.