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Magazine Publishing

Reading experience has become increasingly more important as more digital channels are competing for audience’s attention. The same editorial style can’t be used with all the platforms in use today.

Attracting digital subscribers requires inviting, interactive content. Producing such content – profitably -- requires a highly repeatable and scalable workflow.

Smart Workflows

Our high speed digital magazine production workflows help publishers and retailers such as Time, Google and Kobo create richly designed digital publications in as little as 4 hours in over 27 languages.

The Digital Publishing Leader

Aptara was founded in 1998 when digital publishing was in its infancy. Since then, our content, technology and workflow expertise helped the book publishing industry get to 30% digital readership with commercially sustainable digital editions. Now we are doing the same for the magazine industry.

Let Aptara create an immersive reader experience in order for your titles to connect with today’s digital audience.