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B2B Publishing

Consolidation. High production costs. Multichannel delivery. Outdated technology and splintered legacy workflows. Economic upheaval. A constantly evolving digital landscape and reduced subscriptions.

Today’s market challenges necessitate cutting costs, differentiating your content, going digital, and becoming more flexible—in a word, becoming more competitive.

Whether you publish business, financial, marketing, or industry information, print and online directories or trade magazines, or external information products, Aptara can provide a digital publishing strategy that transitions your operations and workflows—affordably and efficiently—to ensure that your digital gains more than compensate for print losses.

Digital = differentiated

Rich content is unique content, and unique content generates greater revenue.

Aptara’s Digital Content Development practice migrates ink-and-paper production to a digital-first workflow that adds value through interactive design and multichannel delivery. Our content technologists enrich and semantically tag your content so that it’s more easily discoverable online than your competitors’.

From pre-production to post-distribution

Because our subject matter experts know the mechanics of getting any type of digital content product to market, Aptara can replace fragmented workflows and aging technology with new, automated methods that speed the process.

We also have a full complement of advertising and marcomm production and operations services. We even integrate eCommerce solutions, manage site content, and handle the digital rights management (DRM) necessitated by online publishing.

In short: Aptara’s content design, production, and delivery know-how means that you can do more for less, and do it faster, with a single expert partner handling all of your digital content-related operations.