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Banking, Finance & Insurance

In banking, financial services, and insurance, information is money. But the volume of information that your company must create, track, monitor, or process can be overwhelming. Whether you are protecting your company, your clients, or other stakeholders, your success depends on getting the right information to the right people when and where they need it.. 

Aptara has won the trust of financial, legal, and compliance professionals worldwide; they rely on our know-how to mitigate risk and stay compliant. Our broad range of services addresses the needs of various stakeholders within your organization. Aptara’s investigative and monitoring services cover everything from a flagging a single transaction to reporting on an entire company and its management. Our compliance services make regulatory monitoring and risk reporting simpler and more cost-efficient for firms of all sizes, industries, and locations. We can also provide back-office support services such as credit application processing, loan boarding, income verification, help desk support, and strategic Learning and Performance solutions for training development to ensure performance outcomes.

Our clients—banks, investment management groups, financial publishers, insurance companies, and law firms—are under tremendous pressure to improve shareholder value. Aptara knows big savings is driven by big change. Aptara is an expert in the seamless integration of outsourced services that can be scaled swiftly to reduce overhead and eliminate fixed costs. That translates into reduced risk, satisfied clients, and shareholder value. And that’s the best kind of information money can buy.

BFSI Overview-Services

4 Forensic & Investigative Services Third Party Due Diligence Corporate Learning and Performance

4 Corporate Compliance Support Transaction Monitoring

4 Watchlist Screening RegTech Solutions