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Smart content.

Content. Whatever your business, whatever form your content takes, whether it’s your company’s primary revenue source, a training instrument, or the backbone of your back-office operations. Whether you publish it, mine it, use it to teach, to lawyer, or to comply with federal regulations—or you need customer services to support its distribution and use. No company understands content like Aptara. 
Aptara creates content. We design, capture, convert, and enrich it. We repurpose it, manage it, and make it discoverable. We build and support the technology and workflows that move your content across your entire organization and to market quickly and effectively. And we provide business solutions to support your entire content operation.

Smart people.

Content can take many forms—books, training materials, compliance filings, product information, marketing materials, depositions, gaming apps, and financial documents.
Aptara’s industry veterans have unrivaled expertise in content creation, learning and performance, complex content technology, document processing, and customer relationship management. 
Our subject matter experts, instructional content designers, and technologists develop and deploy solutions that achieve efficient, low-cost digital content production for delivery to PCs, tablets, smartphones, and print.

Smart business.

Smart content is profitable content. 
By developing a lucrative, overarching content strategy, Aptara turns flat, static content into smart content: digital information that can be mined, multipurposed, and monetized. 
And Aptara leverages new digital and mobile technology to reveal the revenue opportunities in any information provider’s existing content assets.
In short: Aptara’s innovative technologies produce, deliver, and support digital content—cost-effectively—to the customers and employees of the world’s biggest brands. However, wherever, and whenever they want it.