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Aptara’s reputation for inventive industry and business solutions makes news around the world.

Press Releases

A Decade of Unparalleled Expertise!

June, 2020

Aptara among the Top 20 Content Development Companies for 2020 recognized by Training Industry!


SAGE Publishing and Aptara launch a sophisticated Open Access article - processing platform

June, 2020

The enhanced site is a customized solution based on Aptara’s SciPris platform


ARVO and Aptara announce a 3-year partnership to collect open access article processing charges in conjunction with full-service journal production

October, 2019

Partnership will result in a fully integrated journal solution based on Aptara’s SciPris platform

Falls Church, VA, October 15, 2019–

In the News

Finding Fortune With Predictive Semantics

BookBusiness | February, 2014

Aptara's Pavan Arora offers insight into selling more eBooks using predictive analytics.

Q&A With Aptara’s Pavan Arora: Predictive Semantics & Metadata Resolutions for 2014

BookBusiness | January, 2014

Information on semantic metadata and a possible New Year's resolution publishers might want to consider for driving more digital revenue in 2014.

November, 2012

Aptara partnered with Hilton Hotels to connect hotel general managers across the globe.

October, 2012

Aptara's Sriram Panchanathan offers eBook production guidance for avoiding the errors suffered by JK Rowling's latest release.

Amen to That! The Vatican Publishes its First eBooks

July, 2012

Book Business - Aptara Announces Publishing Partnership with the Vatican.